Learn The Solicitors' Accounts Rules

Learn the The Solicitors' Accounts Rules quickly and thouroughly!

Knowledge of the Solicitors' Accounts Rules 2011 is vital for all solicitors!

Whether you are an experienced solicitor, newly qualified, trainee or paralegal you must understand the Solicitors' Accounts Rules 2011.  Learn the rules from Barrie Segal a Chartered Accountant and former expert witness.

The Solicitors' Accounts Rules 2011 is a key component in the day to day work of solicitors and there are many complex issues which need to be addressed.  Barrie's experience as an after dinner speaker and broadcaster enables him to explain this complex subject amusingly and most importantly clearly.


The Solicitors' Accounts Rules 2011 represent an inportant change in focus by the Law Society!

Learn the rules quickly and most importantly thoroughly from an expert!

Currenly Barrie is giving a series of tutorials on banking practice and the Solicitors' Accounts Rules 2011 to a leading West End firm of solicitors. For a summary of some of the areas covered click on Solicitors Account Rules Topics. Barrie also advises firms on how to improve efficiency and profitability. For more information click on how to increase profitability.

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"This is the best explanation of the Solicitors Accountants Rules I have ever read."

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